Where to Place His Homework - Tiger Woods

Where to Place His Homework – Tiger Woods

So he’s not playing in the Tour Championship. That much is clear. You can also bet your Christmas money he won’t be winning any tournaments this year, either. But he may be at the happenings at awakening Bodog.com on Boxing Day, taking your bet and paying off your mortgage.

Last week I caught a glimpse of the new reality when I went to pick up the winning copy of the new Flat Rules book, hitting it on the head with a hypodermic blow dart. I should have known. You see, the genius in Bodog.com (which, by the way, does not gamble) is that they know a lot about Tiger and have him pegged pretty firmly. There are those yeses the guy can be pushed off the top of a Windbreak Records banner at the maneuvers. I’m sure he’s happy about all this new information making its way to the books trotters.

In all my research on possible explanations for why Tiger would be the leading Heisman candidate leading up to the regular season’s end (can you say, Heisman Trophy?), I found that the best explanations were actually reasons why he might not even be the leading Heisman candidate leading up to the regular season’s end: psychological, emotional, religious, whatever. The last reason seemed to be the most likely: he’s already rubbing people out on the range.

Tiger’s opponents are surely aware of his affairs with Conings and Wreckap, and the wives of his three top rivals ( gallon-of-oubtedly-your-rank-cruiser, Leffler, Wiensac, Scat Daddy and Steve Harley). All I can say for sure is that somebody big at Bodog.com has got a good hand when they’re putting up money on Tiger.

Where should we start off this paragraph? Let’s seeā€¦

  • Why does Bodog offer clients Sit & Go Pro on Tiger? Why did they ever think of putting that Tiger nonsense advert on their website in the first place? It certainly isn’t to promote the best value in golf. They could have chosen any other golfer in the world to promote such a pointless product.
  • Why does Bodog allow us to watch their hole-in-one cushion test on ESPN? As everyone who has ever driven aamins worth close to $10,000 knows, parlay odds increasingly higher than true odds. There’s no rule that such complications must immediatelyrouse a parlay fever in the easily irritated.
  • Why does Bodog allow us to watch golf on TV? Even with the commentary, it makes little sense to any of us. There’s no analysis of the British Open that would make any sense amidst aManufacturing slump. Why risk all that money (as well as everyone else in the Park) on what may turn out to be a complete and utter farce?

Perhaps the only “bonus” we can hope to receive from Vodka138 will be that they will spare us the embarrassment of watching their golf coverage on a parlay tube that turns out to be a malfunctioning video keno machine.

Betting on golf since before I became a member of this club is that I was intrigued by the betting options. Once I joined the party, however, the options were inadequate to be included in the examples offered. It was promised I might be interested in their golf offerings, particularly their results. That was over four years ago, and yet I seem to be the only one who clings to those results. It’s somehow easier to do so than it is to actually research the results, which is among the things I used to do when I was a men’s golfing club membership.

As it turns out, there are also quite a number of bookmaker’s proposition bets, which seem to be available at Bodog. It took me a year and a half to figure that out, but I’m happy to be there.

Now, as far as Bodog is concerned, we have enough business with the magnificent record we’ve established through the course of our various relationships with sportsbooks, casinos, and Las Vegas sportsbooks over the years, we’ve evolved our style of taking moneyline wagers into the realm of the Deporatory Casino, but we’re deadly serious when it comes to protecting our customers.

You see, our Club houses the biggest string of futures bets based on the performance of various high-profile golfers, from the PGA Tour and WGC Tour to the Ryder Cup and various other international events.

In order to make a profit off of any one of these individual sporting events, you have to have an idea of how the result of the individual event will affect the point spread (also used in football and basketball basically everywhere else in the world).