Tips For Card Counting

Tips For Card Counting

Do you remember the Star Trek computer game fans from decades ago? They used card counting. Well, they didn’t have computers back then. They had navigate tables, and if they got confused they would write everything down.

If you want to survive in today’s low-payout casino, you need to have an edge. And card counting is a sure method for giving yourself the edge you need.

Card counting itself is not illegal, but casinos reserve the right to throw you out on your heinie for counting cards (well in their case, they can toss you out for cheating). Card counting is a method of beating the house edge, which is about 0.7% in the Vegas casino Very Special Blackjack.

While card counting — placing constant bets on rich cards — is legal in casinos, card counters are not allowed. So why is card counting important anyway? Let’s see.

Card Counting Advantage

When you know the deck is loaded with high cards, there is a better chance of winning. A six deck shoe affords aide advantage of 0.ettant percent. (Notice how the dealer shoe starts above the shoe, and goes back down after each new card. That’s because the dealer reshoves the deck every time. Card counting would cover for all of these shuffles, but not for the ones just described.)

Card Counting Secret #2

Low cards favor the dealer in blackjack. This is because the dealer has to hit if he has less than a total of 12.

Low cards’ statistical advantage to the dealer is not enough to offset the higher-priced cards the player can buy. But, in some rare cases, both the dealer and the player have low cards. In this case, the game is considered a push, and neither the player nor the dealer wins.

Card Counting Secret #3

Surrender a pre-flop raise will often get you a free card in exchange. After a pre-flop raise, many players hit again on the flop, assuming ( falsely) that there is more chance of getting a better hand.

The reality is that a high card on the flop is only likely to make the dealer better. In fact, holding a blackjack means little more than just beating the dealer’s hand. Don’t play the waiting game!

Card Counting Secret #4

Early surrender generally offers a slightly larger advantage to the player, especially when there are many players in the room who are keen on taking advantage of your surrender. Even money is typically worth far more when there are many players in the pot.

Early surrender is the best opportunity you will have to double your bet when you are at the low to high range. When you consider that the low range of cards contain more cards of 5-6, you stand a far better chance of winning a larger pot!

By now you are probably realizing the secret message in this article, and that is that card counting is the absolute best way to succeed in blackjack. The thumb rule is simple: if the cards don’t add up, don’t bet. If you can’t make a case for playing the hand, just fold.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose these hands. What matters is whether you win more or lose less than your initial wager. This is the efficient use of your bankroll and is one of the best Dewalive strategies available.

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