Poker Tournaments - 10 Reasons to Play Them

Poker Tournaments – 10 Reasons to Play Them

Poker tournaments have rapidly become a popular option for online players to take part in, especially if you are one of the many that have become burned out on playing on your own. Texas Holdem poker can be very attractive to players who enjoy taking time to play strategic poker, but it is one game that does require some special skills and a lot of practice.

  1. Play anytime and anywhere. This is the biggest reason why you would want to consider taking part in a poker tournament. You could take part in these tournaments at work, on a holiday, in front of your TV, or even from the comfort of your own home. Anywhere you could be around the world you could take part in a poker tournament with ease.
  2. Learn the game. If you have wondered how many players get to keep their money, consider the vast difference in the level of skill levels between professional and amateur poker players. In every game, especially at the professional level, you will find players who know what they are doing and those who are easily intimidated by the sheer weight of the chips and they do not take their game seriously.
  3. Face the odds. Poker tournaments are hard to win especially at the lower levels. In order to give yourself a fighting chance you will need to be very good at math, particularly in poker tournaments because you will be pitted against seasoned players that know the game entirely. If you are good with numbers and percentages, you will be well on your way to poker victory.
  4. Be safe and secure. You will often hear poker players talk about not playing good hands, or betting too much or too little and this is because so many hands are played during poker tournaments. You will hear of people going all in with a coin and losing it all, or one player going all in with a hand of nothing. So please be aware that if you are bucking to win a tournament, you are in fact going to lose a lot of chips, and it may not be able to win any of them back.
  5. Take your time. please take the time to read everyone, especially those who are writing about their poker tournaments. I would love to hear from someone who beat me and have paid me to win a tournament. A lot of poker media actually features interviews with players so you should know what you are talking about if you are going to ask a question.
  6. Do not drink. Even though in the privacy of your own home you may be able to drink without a problem, at the poker tournament you are bringing your lived-in demons to the table so you may want to take a break first to clear your head. The reason I am bringing it up is because you will want to be there till the end of the tournament. I mean you will be sick if you start drinking before the tournament begin.
  7. Play only when you are well ahead. This is the one rule that varies from Vegas88 tournament to tournament. I am sure you know the importance of position but if you are out of position play much slower then your in position. Why you ask? Well if you feel the No-Limit bet is too expensive for you the blinds will be eating you up any way. So take your time and wait for your big hands.
  8. Pay attention to the other players. When playing I am always “dead money” so I will not miss the other players at the table if I can help it. In fact I will probably play when I am dead money. There is just something about being dead money that loosens up the gears and blinkers on your eyes which help me to find my place in the poker tournament and finish off my tournament strong.
  9. Know your position. Take your position into consideration in all aspects of your game.
  10. Know your opponents. You will be surprised at how many Smart Play videos and articles are available online. Every poker player has a different style, a different tics, a different habits, a different stance on Gaga and whom to bet on. Just to name a few you can Google for.

These are all simple tips. Sure, have fun practicing and perfecting your game but realize that these are only tip 10 when it comes to developing your game. Your definitely going to need a strategypelling tool especially if your GA, especially if you’re GA was developed in comparison to your opponent’s playing style.

But again, that’s only tip 10. Learning how to win a poker tournament takes experience, patience, and commitment to learn. Have fun but please play responsibly!