Lotto Somewhere - Where Dreams Come True

Lotto Somewhere – Where Dreams Come True

Everybody dreams of winning the lotto some day. But to what extent do you think that a lotto jackpot is reasonable?

All we can do is build our dreams around them and hope they are true.

In this article I want to tell you about a system that could help you to win the lottery. I am not telling you that you could win the lotto tomorrow, although if you could be the millionaire everyone so diligently desires, you would hold the note above your laptop in your hands.

This is about the importance of telling your Story to the world.

Your dreams, like my dreams, are subject to the Samevel. This is the simple method most people use to explain why they follow one road rather than another when following the lotto money. It usually goes something like this:

I dreamt (and I truly think that this is true) that I was walking across a field and saw in the distance a rose bush in full bloom.

And just as I reached it, I saw that rose bush, and thought to myself: ‘It would be such a shame if some passer-by happened to see that rose bush in full bloom..’

In this situation the subconscious mind is attempting to reassort its uniqueness. It sees that it is not as limp and insignificant as other dreams, and so it sets itself up to be special. It will be unique. And since it is special it will be Important.

In order to help you to do the same thing, you must to task yourself with one dream a day of $1,000.00. Yes, that’s a day you will remember, and when you wake up in the morning it will already be a reality.

The more vivid your realization of what you wish, the more you will be able to connect with your subconscious and to take advantage of those neural pathways which extend to the highest levels of your subconscious mind. You will be able to access those greatest stores of knowledge and skill and those neural pathways directly controlling your dreams, and to make use of them.

Strictly following the step by step process is not advisable. Instead you must allow your subconscious mind to do the work. It will be much more effective if you allow it say, 10 minutes of your time each day, say the subconscious mind can work in bursts of 20 minutes at the most. And when it is finished the most it can be you day to wake up and begin again.

The subconscious mind can make use of the same technique only if you allow it to access your dream life. To get it to access your dream you must to allow it to access your subconscious mind and must be remembering about your dreams, rather than failing to do so and just dreaming that you will win the lottery. And, it must be applicable to the dream you are remembering.

Remembering dreams is a unique method of winning the lottery too if you work hard on this. It is a process of moving out of your life and into the dream world, and by involving your subconscious mind in these techniques, it will follow your every move.

Remembering your dreams is definitely not just a technique for other people to use when you want to win the jackpot. Whether you believe it or not, your subconscious mind isander to go to work for you if you let it.

Take a moment to dream about your lottery. Imagine what it would be like to win, how your life would change, what you would do different and more importantly, how you would feel when you won. Even if you believe you are enough of a physical body to win the lottery, it’s best to get a few mental tricks up your sleeve. Think about yourself as a person who is about to hit the big time.

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