How to Help the American Player

How to Help the American Player

Casinos are the most popular recreational activity in the world, and millions of people each year spend money going to a casino, staying overnight, and playing casino games. The cost of going to a casino can be as low as $20, but a trip to the casino, including lodging, food, incidentals, and possibly even gambling costs, can easily top $500. This is a big expense, and to stretch the cost even further, many people go to online casinos to play. The math on this is not hidden, either, and the facts are easily seen.

The American Psychological Association (APA) conducted a study in 2010 at the request of the California State Gaming Control Board, asking nearly 1000 casino gamblers to complete question after question about their gambling.

Of the gamblers who completed the survey, 60 percent said that they had spent at least $500 on gambling in the previous year. Among this, 53 percent said that they usually gamble alone, and 50 percent of individuals said that they gamble mostly on at least two types of gambling. Almost 60 percent of the casino gamblers indicated that they play at a casino.

The survey included questions about gambling matters, such as:

  1. Do you gamble mostly for profit, or for excitement?
  2. Do you gamble easily, or do you need to be mentally stretched?
  3. Which of the following types of gambling do you most prefer: live action (including roulette, poker, and craps), online casino gambling, or land-based casino gambling?
  4. Do you gamble in casinos, or at home with friends and family?
  5. Do you gamble in a hotel or at aunkown casino?
  6. Does your gambling generally follow or follow-through patterns, or is it haphazard?
  7. Are you better at some types of gambling than others?
  8. Do you gamble on chance, or do you gamble on odds?
  9. Do you gamble on a regular basis, or are you once a week or less?

With nearly 54 million Americans having participated in gambling activities in 2010, it is clear that many people have many different needs than the typical gambler. The individualization that follows brings a whole new perspective to the marketing of gambling products and gambling services.

For the individual who is seeking a unique and personal approach to gambling, understanding the market, and creating a customized gambling experience are just three requirements. The building of a true and lasting reputation takes personal Detroitization, and Detroitization happens primarily through the written expression of the client and the whole process of the interaction process.

Detroitization occurs through the face of the client, from the first impressions to the last Statistics indicate that Detroit is more prevalent in the world of gambling than any other organized forms of entertainment. It is a no-limit, either “deposit 15 bonus 30” or “tech driven” gambling facility. It isOccasionally, a gambler will discover an undesirable company or individual while attempting to conduct his own gambling transaction, and he will not be able to discover an Internet casino or a Las Vegas casino without investigating further. Using a search engine, the gambler will unearth a company or individual that he is not able to deal with personally, and his persistence will lead to the identity of a casino.

The gambler will discover that the casino operates under a set of published rules specific for that particular company. The published rules may be reviewed and updated from time to time, and a specific succession of referees are always posted at the gaming tables to answer questions from the public. The referees are trained to assist casino guests with their questions, and generally, the queries are asked by visitors to the casino, and not by employees of the casino.

The published rules and procedures are exchanged online using the casino’s privileged web page, and anyone coming to the casino will be able to find the procedures easily. However, the introduction of video tutorials has led to a great increase in the number of people having difficulty with the roulette system, and inexperienced gamblers have not been able to use the system well due to its complexity. In order to simplify the roulette system even more, detailed instructions on how to set up the roulette system for beginners have been published on the casino’s website. The steps are simple, the roulette system can be set up in 5 to 10 minutes, and the casino even provide the beginner with a detailed layout of the roulette board and instructions on how to play the game.

It is worthwhile discussing some of these updated services, as the evolution of the casino industry into an online one is the main topic of discussion these days.